How to explain Co-Vid 19 to a child with Profound and Multiple Learning Needs

This will be a very unfamiliar time with limited predictability for all students and parents. Your child is likely to fall within the high-risk category and will need to follow specific advice from the government and NHS. This can be difficult to explain your child.

Sensory stories are a wonderful resource, fun for people of all ages and abilities. It allows people who may not be able to understand without feeling the contextual scenario. It is very simple, it is a short sentence that is partnered with rich and relevant sensory experiences to engage the participant. They can be particularly beneficial to individuals with profound and multiple learning disabilities. Below is a simple sensory story that you can use with your child to explain Co-Vid 19. It uses very simple objects that you will have at home.

There is a nice simple social story about social distancing which you can access on Youtube called “Time to come in bear. A children’s story about social distancing’

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