A little bit of May(e)hem

My name is Jessica Maye and I am a speech and language therapist/pathologist (dependent on location!). I have tossed and turned about writing a blog and I thought.. why not?? I am exceptionally busy with working full time, studying my Masters, planning a wedding and travelling the world (serious travel bug!) but who doesn't enjoy a little bit of May(e)hem in their lives.

This blog is going to bring you some useful information about childhood development expanding beyond my expertise with blogs from other specialists.

Additionally, a curiosity of mine is neurodiversity in the workplace, so expect some blogs about why this has piqued my interest and what we can do to support this.

The aim of the blog is to be short and brief, yet informative. If you have any interest or questions, shoot me an email and I will aim to respond or write a blog!

So enjoy reading the tales of magic, shenanigans and little bit of may(e)hem!


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