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A Screener is carried out for minor speech and language concerns, or where there are speech sound or articulation difficulties. The Screener is used to determine if a child is 'on track' for their age and children are assessed according to developmental stages for their age group. The screener will last thirty minutes and you will receive a summary report.

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Assessment will be conducted in the home environement. This includes a detailed case history, initial assessment, including formal and/or informal procedures as appropriate and discussion with parent (s)/care givers. Assessment may take up to an hour. A written detailed report is  included which will detail recommended course of action.

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Sessions are either 30 or 45 minutes long. This includes direct time completing therapy activities in the home and time providing verbal feedback to parents and care givers. The feedback includes ideas for home practise which are designed to reinforce the focus of therapy and help your child progress more rapidly. Therapy sessions are normally completed in 6-8 week blocks.

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from £250 

Individual bespoke services will be offered to suit your nursery/school's individual requirements.  Discussion and liaison with the school will ensure that the students experiencing speech and language difficulties will be appropriately supported and an effective therapy programme is implemented.

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from £250

Training requirements vary for individual services. We offer bespoke training to suit your unique requirements. We can offer 1/2 day, full day or twilight sessions. Examples of training include Augmentative, Alternative Communication (AAC), Dysphagia (eating and drinking), Attention & Listening and Communication strategies. 

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£60 per hour

Supervision is an important part of meeting HCPC’s Standards of conduct, performance and ethics. Supervision can take a variety of different forms such as one-to-one meeting via skype or face to face, peer or group supervision; co-supervision. Any therapist interested in supervision, should contact Jessica for more information and to ensure suitability for clinical needs.   


Any sessions that are not cancelled 24 hours in advance will be charged in full (a call or SMS before 9.00am on the morning of the session will be accepted in the case of an emergency). Any sessions cancelled at short notice by the speech and language therapist will be refunded in full. With more than one week’s notice the therapist reserves the right to offer an alternative appointment slot. School/home visit rates includes cost of travel  when within the catchment area of Ealing (Broadway, North, South, West and Common). Other areas will be charged at £50 per hour for the commute. Written programmes and reports will be charged at the above hourly rate